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The world of Deneki is a “Medieval Steampunk” kind of world. Technology is a bit further than most D&D worlds (which are Lord of the Rings-esque). The inhabitants of Deneki are experimenting with new machineries, powered by steam or magical stones. They have inventions like guns (which quickly replaced bows), and lamps. And plumbing, because who can live without toilets?

The world of Deneki is a new world, but will contain familiar elements from different sources.

Dates and Times

A year in Deneki is divided in four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Fall. Each season takes 40 days, so a full year is 160 days.

Everyone references dates and times in terms of days in the season or the year. So either “next year” or “next season”. Some examples are:

  • the 12th of Summer
  • the last day of Spring
  • three seasons aga
  • Signed on the 23th of Spring, year 62015

Note The 40 days were determined to have some form of seasonal shifting in game. 40 days are simply quicker to pass, than the full 91 days we are used to.


Maps of the world, the Neverwinter Area and Neverwinter itself