Etienne van Delden Dungeon Master. Software/Ruby on Rails Artisan. Father.

Everyone in town has pointed you to this little shop. Above it is a sign, which reads “Deekins ‘Keep-rain-from-Deekins-head’”. This is apparently a shop. The shop for adventurers. Apparently. When walk through the door, you hear a bell, which promptly falls next to you on the ground. Behind a counter, the head of a Kobold peeks up, who says only one word:


Deekin Scalesinger, once adventurer, now shopkeep and writer of books

Welcome to “Deekins ‘Keep-rain-from-Deekins-head’“. The shop for adventurers, by an adventurer. Deekin is a real connoisseur in the business of magical items for adventurers. Deekin is the only shopkeep, who will buy magical items for value price.

Deekin has his shop in Neverwinter. Help Deekin expand his availability around the world by helping him expand into new locations!

Items for sale