Etienne van Delden Dungeon Master. Software Artisan.

This is the history for our D&D World “Deneki”. This history will slowly be expandend with new content, both from players and the DM.

65723 AD Year of Metallic Servants

  • The Gnomes have an affinity for artifice, the creation of mechanics and mechanical creatures. They created the Warforged, a race of machines.

65752 AD Year of the War for Existence

  • The Warforged view themselves as enslaved by the Gnomes. The Gnomes feared the newfound sentience of the Warforged and tried to destroy the Warforged.

65753 AD Year of the Gnome Banishment

  • The Warforged won the war and exiled the Gnomes from their homeland, claiming it as their own. The Gnomes now wonder the world in search of a new home, or a new army.

66015 AD Year of the Wailing Death


  • A deadly plague, broke out in Neverwinter, called the “Wailing Death”
  • Neverwinter calls out to any would be Hero to do a quickend training at the Hero’s Academy and then find a solution to the Wailing Death

66016 AD Year of the *TO BE DETERMINED*

  • PC(s) that start adventuring: Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Quinthia, Zaldar


  • The Hero’s Academy of Neverwinter was attacked. Only a few students survived, including; Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Quinthia, Zaldar
  • The survivors of the Academy’s slaugther found out that Seldra de Tylmarande was behind the Wailing Death. While the plague was stopped, Seldra escaped.
  • Seldra de Tylmarande, twin-sister of Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande, was chased into the outskirts of Menzoberranzan by the Heroes of Neverwinter. There they have caught, interrogated and killed Seldra.