Etienne van Delden Dungeon Master. Software Artisan.

Gnomes are like gypsies, they travel the world in search of ways to take back their homeland. They travel in giant trucks that hold all their belonings and current project.Their trucks run on unique engines that run on anything combustible. The gnomes commonly wear gas maks, to protect against the polluting gasses produced by their living trucks.

Gnomes are tinkerers, they have a unique gift for artifice, the production of mechanical apparatus, though that might not make him an artificer or engineer. Mechanics are such a big part of gnomes, that they all will use some form of mechanics in their work. Their greatest achievement in mechanic was also the source of their downfall. While developing the best tool for all their work, the Gnomes created the Warforged.

The Warforged are a race of mechanical beings that can do any job a humanoid can. Thousands of Warforged were made and they quickly became the perfect employee, they were put to use almost everywhere. The gnomes didn’t see what they had created: a slave race. Eventually the Warforged revolted. Hundreds of thousands of gnomes were killed and the Warforged took the country of gnomes for themselves.

Now its hundreds of year later and Gnomes are seen as scavengers, beggars and trouble makers and are commonly ignored and scared away, despite them having one of the largest mobile armies known.