Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 21th of Summer, 66016

  • PC’s arrived at Brindol
  • Talked with the Archeologist (deep gnome that was previously rescued in the Underdark). She was sent by Deekin to offer support by sending some vehicles, but they are still in need of repair. The Archeologist is revealed to be a Harper, but declined to give any further information after learning the PC’s aren’t Harpers.
  • PC’s are trying to defend Brindol by:
    • Coming up with a game plan with the leaders of Brindol; Lord Jarmaath (mayor), lady Verassa Kaal (richest merchant), Captain Lars Ulverth, High Priest Tredora
    • The gate was broken through. This was intentional, to surprise the completed army with the tank.
    • Fixing a tank to fight with it, but failed.
    • Defeated a wave of giants.
    • Abithriax the huge Completed Dragon was defeated.

When we ended this session, the PC’s are still in the middle of the battle for Brindor


  • Gain the assistance of the Elves in Starsong Hill
    • Resolve the agressive lizardfolk situation in the Ruins of Rhest
  • Assist Brindol in defence against the Hord
  • Find and Kill Azzarr Khul
  • Find the sister of Zaldar