Party members of this session: Little Crow, Fairuza, Moras, Zaldar

Date 9th of Summer, 66016

  • PC’s defeated a completed warlord and his dragon in Ruins of Rhest
  • PC’s have freed the lizard folk from the Thran
  • PC’s have destroyed a Dragon Tank factory

Date 10th of Summer, 66016

  • PC’s have informed the Elves in Starsong Hill that the threat in Rhest has been solved. In exchange, the elves will support Brindol in the coming battle.

Date 13th of Summer, 66016

  • Visited the dwarves, Zara Mengsk has escaped

Date 17th of Summer, 66016

  • PC’s have returned the Ghost Lord’s phylactery, in exchange for a summonable Ghost Lion


  • Gain the assistance of the Elves in Starsong Hill
    • Resolve the agressive lizardfolk situation in the Ruins of Rhest
  • Assist Brindol in defence against the Hord
  • Find and Kill Azzarr Khul
  • Find the sister of Zaldar